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The story of Jeff and Sophia
We have been High-School Buddies since 1978, we grew up on the streets of Brooklyn NY. Not far from the famous Brooklyn Navy Yard, right at the shadows of the Manhattan skylight, The Twin Towers, and the Empire State Building, we lived just blocks from each other and rode the train every morning to ‘Brooklyn Technical High School’ where we both graduated with honors.

After graduation, we went on our separate paths and went our own way for about 10 years, Jeff lived in Brooklyn NY and Sophia moved abroad to see and explore the world and finally settled in the Beautiful Paris, France.

Last year Sophia moved back to NY to help and aid her ailing Mother which is when we reconnected and pretty much picked up where we left off 10 Years Prior.
It was that night at the Boardwalk right by sheepshead bay under the Verrazano Bridge under the stars with our hearts and minds thinking and masterminding when we founded this beautiful company ‘StorageAid’ - StorageAid is the Parent Company for all 'Inspiring Organization' with multiple Sub Categories for different departments within one’s life, like ClosetMate, BathMate, KitchenMate etc.

Each sub category will have multiple products uniquely designed to help your life within the Organizational Dept. to make your life easier to Manage and Easier to Handle, to save you time and save you space.

‘Brooklyn’ has changed since we went to college Brooklyn was always known for its smaller apartments in the past it was the brownstones but now that the artists have moved into Brooklyn where people are living in 500 square foot lofts, makes this whole line so timely, Paris is known for its creativity and artsy, so we feel the combination of the two will make a perfect match.

Jeff lives with his wife and 2 kids and a dog in Brooklyn NY

Jeff Says "I have lived all my life in Brooklyn, I have seen the transformation in many areas from Brownstones to Beautiful Expensive Lofts the lofts are hip and Gorgeous but small and tight, real estate is expensive and space is limited this has inspired me to throw myself into this line to make sure every inch of space is utilized properly I know you will be Inspired by our Organization line” Jeff concluded.

Sophia Says “I am more of a Free-Spirited individual, I love to travel and I have seen almost a half of the world, but in truth I adore Paris the most and I have learned a lot from that wonderful creative city, but now that life has brought me back here I will bring the spirit and design from the best places around the world to help and Inspire Organization”
“I was real happy to discover the complete line of StorageAid items, I loved the Quality and the style, very innovative and stylish.”

Lisa, Bernal Heights
“When I saw the stroller organizer, I knew I have to get one, My Baby needs ALL her toys and food wherever I go and it was super important for me to have them neatly stored”

Mary & Andrew, Noe Valley

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