TravelMate Beautiful Tie Pouch, Nylon Travel Tie Case Necktie Travel Roll (2 Pack)


The TravelMate Tie case is a unique idea to keep your Ties Crisp and Neat even while traveling, it's perfect for business and every occasion that needs a tie whilst traveling!

Our TravelMate Tie case is Lightweight, and fits in a carry-on, and will accommodate enough ties for a decent length trip.

The TravelMate Tie case is convenient to fit in your suitcase or garment bag

They are made of strong nylon so they are strong enough to prevent creasing but lightweights enough to fit the carry-on and is well constructed to hold up a long time.

The TravelMate Tie case is a really great gift idea.

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First Impressions Matter


When it comes to dressing for success, although going down the “trendy” route can be tempting, the conservative corporate look will always be the smarter option. In the world of business, the image you portray through your choice of attire says a heap. It gives the message that you take your position, your company and your career seriously. It says you’re a guy who’s going places.


Whether you go for business casual or traditionally formal, no look can be considered complete without a tie. How, why and when exactly this strip of fabric elevated to become such an essential accessory in male attire is irrelevant. The fact is if you want to look professional, a tie is indispensable. More importantly it is worn around the neck - is there a more prominently visual place? You look at a guy’s face and intentionally or not, in a single glance you’ve caught his tie too. Any crease, stain, scratch is therefore noticed immediately!


It’s even worse if you need to travel regularly for work. How do transport your beautiful ties without creasing or damaging them. A crumpled, wrinkled tie reflects badly on your image and should be avoided at all costs. The TravelMate Tie Pouch has got your back. This tie case is a unique idea to keep your ties crisp and clean when you’re on the move. It takes care of protecting and transporting your beloved ties easily and efficiently. Even better, it comes in a pack of two.

The Best Tie Transport Solution Around


You want to be noticed at work? Showing up in a scratched or crushed tie is not the way to go about it! Made from robust nylon, the TravelMate Tie Pouch features a cushioned lining to prevent wrinkling. Stitched using heavy duty industrial thread, the case is sturdy and durable, guaranteeing years of reliable use. The outer lining of the tie pouch is water-resistant and can withstand light splashes or spills. Cleaning is easy too; all you will need to get it looking as good as new is a damp cloth to wipe down your case. The tie pouches come in a smart black and sultry grey. Elegant color choices on which minor dust or lint do not show up.


A single hole punched at the top, allows you to hang up your case from hooks fitted on the wall or behind a door. Three elastic straps, two on top and one at the bottom, hold your tie/s in place securely. Measuring at 4 x 3 x 2 inches, the TravelMate Tie Pouch rolls up with your tie inside taking up very little space in your travel or garment bag. Additionally, being flexible allows you to fit this case in small, tight places where hardback tie cases would not be able to. It is firmly sealed shut with an easy to open and close Velcro fastener on the exterior.

Compact and light in weight, this case is especially convenient for those one day trips, as it fits perfectly in your carry-on backpack or briefcase. However, if need be the tie case can hold a few ties at a time for longer business trips. So on your next business trip, you get to change ties with suits rather than having to wear the same generic one every time. The tie case protects and guarantees wrinkle free results every time. Luckily this product comes in a two pack; so make sure you spread the love and do not over stuff.

Versatile Storage Facilitator


This functional accessory for men makes a thoughtful gift. Offer this unique item to the professional guy in your life and see the difference it will make. You’ll be doing both his image and his valuable ties a service. A handy pouch that will protect those ties against minor spills, scratches, dust and wrinkles. No more playing vanishing act in the suitcase. You’ll easily find your ties neatly stored in the TravelMate Tie Pouch.


But the tie pouch offers more. It can provide safe storage for a spare tie in the office. Unfortunate accidents concerning ink or coffee can happen at anytime, best to be prepared with a spare tie in your desk drawer. This case also doubles up as a neat storage/transport device for socks. The last thing you need on a business trip is the stress of searching for socks. This case pins both socks together and keeps them in one place until needed. This tie pouch is a great way to stay organized while you travel. It ensures that both you and your tie get to any business event looking your best.

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