ClosetMate Garment Steamer for Cloths – The ONLY Steamer with a Retractable Cord - Perfect for Travel with Free Pouch


Fall in love with your clothes again with our ClosetMate Fabric Steamer. Unlike the chore of ironing, our small but mighty portable garment steamer makes wrinkle-busting a quick and fun activity you will look forward to doing. ClosetMate's fast-heating water tank is ready to go within two minutes and provides 10 minutes of non-stop steaming making it an easy and convenient way to make a great impression at work, on the go, or at a special event. ClosetMate portable design and 7.5 foot cord also makes it the perfect tool for reviving wrinkled household furniture upholstery and drapes while still on the rod, The tank will hold about 7 fluid oz of water​

Steaming Before and After, why steaming is better than Ironing


Simply Put, Steaming clothing is better than ironing! People spend a lot of money on clothing, everyone wants  it to last. If you care about preserving your wardrobe, you should absolutely consider replacing your iron with a steamer.

You wonder why that is? Let me explain, when you use an iron, you’re causing irreparable damage to the fibers of your clothing’s fabric. Under your iron’s heat, fabrics are crushed and burned. Ironing a garment even just once can cause visible damage, However when using a Steamer like our ClosetMate steamer it is a much safer, gentler method of wiping away wrinkles. Steam simply relaxes the fibers, eliminating wrinkles without damaging the fabric.

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The First Retractable Cord Steamer

We know how you hate tangled cords, we know that these small Steamers are used for travel and we know how inconvenience it can be when the cord gets tangled inside your suitcase, we also know how much you hate when the cord hangs in your laundry room and too many times it gets pulled down by mistake and breaks the item, that is why we sat at the R&D Lab to figure out how to make a powerful steamer yet it should be small enough for travel and it should have a Retractable Cord


That is when we developed the first ClosetMate Retractable Cord Steamer, with one push of the button the cord will nicely retract inwards making it easy to use and easy to store and more important easy to travel, it also includes and beautiful travel pouch that will keep your travel experience neatly enjoyable.

TIP! Please make sure you handle the Retractable Cord with care, please hold the cord lightly while pressing the Retractor Button.

  • ClosetMate's Fabric Steamer is the only one that offers a retractable cord and a travel Pouch.

  • Our Powerful steamer delivers steam more powerfully and evenly to remove the toughest wrinkles from a multitude of fabrics in drapery, clothing etc. Cord can retract 7.5 feet and the tank will hold holds about 7 fluid oz of water.

  • The ClosetMate Steamer is the most powerful handheld garment steamer on the market! Heats up in 90 seconds and smooths and de-wrinkles any garment quickly and easily including upholstery, bedding, tableclothes and more. Includes travel bag for easy packing

  • The ClosetMate Steamer offers a New nozzle design that distributes steam powerfully and consistently to remove stubborn wrinkles. And the compact design make the item travel and store easily.

  • ClosetMate portable design and 7.5 foot cord also makes it the perfect tool for reviving wrinkled household furniture upholstery and drapes while still on the rod, The tank will hold holds about 7 fluid oz of water

  • WHY THIS CLOTHES STEAMER. CUSTOMERS SAY our garment steamer is Your Best Choice and The One to Get if you want the FASTEST, SAFEST, most powerful compact and lightweight steamer on the market. It even REFRESHES CLOTHING and FABRIC fibers so everything you own LASTS LONGER.

  • SMALL BUT MIGHTY  THE MOST POWERFUL: WIDERELEASE steam nozzle activates in 90 SECONDS or less to easily, quickly and naturally steam away large areas of wrinkles and refresh fabric  FASTER than any other.

  • SAFEST and EASIEST  IDEAL FOR gently smoothing away the TOUGH WRINKLES in delicate fabrics, stiff drapery, thick bedding, expensive suits, tablecloths, and, of course, any iron safe garment RETRACTABLE CORD STRETCHES a full 7.5 feet, giving you AMPLE FLEXIBILITY to steam and sanitize everything in your home.

  • BIGGER DOESN’T MEAN BETTER  Sure, some others boast a huge capacity that steams away clothes for hours  but at what cost to your wrists   Our FEATHERLIGHT, COMPACT 7oz fabric steamer comes with a TRAVEL BAG, making it the ideal solution for defying tough luggage weight limits or tucking into tight spaces

  • GUARANTEED  THE HIGHEST RATED, MOST TRUSTED and BEST: We love our customers and consistently deliver VIP level customer care to each and every one. Try our steamer riskfree for 60  days you’ll love it well refund every penny no questions asked.

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