Why does everyone love our ClosetMate Shelf Dividers?

From a customer:

With a smaller house, I use the top of my closet to store a lot of different items. These shelf dividers were perfect to organize and keep some of my binders upright! The plastic is thick and durable. The snaps at the bottom are expandable and easy to snap onto your shelf. You can move them around at any time with ease. The end of the bottom piece also has a piece of foam/rubber gripping so the dividers don't move around. The only thing that can be improved is the bottom lip of the left divider facing outwards. If you look at my pictures, the left divider is the only one that gaps outwards. I am thinking it would be more balanced if both of the dividers split outwards because whatever books, etc. you place in the center on top of the bottom lip will be uneven and tilt it outwards because of this. Especially since the plastic is thick (which is a good thing), it means the object won't be completely flat so it'll lean that divider out. Overall, I love it though and it'll keep the top of my closet organized finally! I was getting tired of things tumbling over all the time.

One More:

My project this weekend is to start tackling my bedroom closet. I have so many clothes that I haven't worn in years! On my top shelf, I usually use for jeans and sweaters. It is a mess. When I organize it, it doesn't last long. The articles fall on top of each other, become askew and I just get plain frustrated. Came across these and figured I would give them a try. They are taller than I thought, which are great. They are 8 inches high and 12 inches deep. The edge has a clip that will fit most shelves. I would suggest measuring the shelf you intend to place these because you don't want to stretch the acrylic too much or it will snap. I love these so much that I think I'm going to purchase more for our hallway closet and our children's bedrooms. These are great for clothes, books, magazines, etc.

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