Put Her Up On A Shelf.

“Roses are red, violets are blue, flowers are nice but shelves are too!”

Everyone’s heard of the saying, “actions speak louder than words.” This Valentine’s be creative and think outside the box. Remember flowers wilt in a few days and chocolates disappear within a few hours. So this year, give her your “time” and a gift she can enjoy all year long. Go the extra mile and surprise her with your thoughtfulness. We propose fitting in gorgeous ClosetMate Shelf Dividers in her closet, on her bathroom or living room shelves to make her life a little easier. Is there any better way to say those three special words?

Let’s go into further detail why these handy shelf dividers are going to be such a hit. Besides taking her totally by surprise (nothing predictable with this gift,) the ClosetMate Shelf Dividers are already fully assemble and will just need to be positioned in place. Hassle-free work for you and super easy for her to rearrange (which she invariably will :) Made from acrylic, these quality dividers are durable, lightweight and shatterproof. Tastefully designed in clear acrylic makes it easier to match existing furniture and look stylish on any shelf. Possibly the fact that shelves are now clutter free and beautifully arranged has something to do with the overall smart appearance too. But let’s not forget after the initial clean up, these dividers help you maintain staying organized by acting as a constant reminder to keep everything in its place. Each divider is 8 inches high, 12 inches long, and fits on shelves up to 0.75 inches thick which means you get plenty of storage space to work with.

Use these versatile shelves to neatly arrange or alphabetize her cookery books in the kitchen; her sweaters and hoodies in the closet; or, books, cd’s and decorative items in the living room. Imagine her reaction when she see’s the bookshelf beautifully arranged; or the “timeline shelf” you put together with photo’s from when you first started dating till present. Add a post it note on each shelf divider with a loving message and brother you’ve got it made!

#AcrylicShelfDividers #ValentinesDay

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