Romance Him All Tied Up….

Man-giving can be tough and with Valentine’s day around the corner the pressure in on. Often a guy’s idea of romance does not match our own expectations. That’s why, this year put aside any thoughts of getting him a traditional type present and spoil him with the “P” word. That’s right, “P” for “Practical.” Nothing says I love you to a guy than a useful, practical present that he’ll get great use out of. Make it gadgety too and you’re onto a real winner ladies!

The ClosetMate Motorized Tie Rack is a shining example of a gift containing all those adjectives that will sound like music to his ears. Cool, practical, motorized, economical, and space-saving; making it the ideal toy for any big boy! If you’re guy is a tie man, he’s gonna love this. The ClosetMate Tie Rack will neatly store, organize and display up to 80 ties. It attaches simply to your closet rod or using J hooks onto wired shelving. If the J hooks don’t hook him this next feature will. It has a battery operated, multi directional carousel that rotates during the selection process. Plus, the tie rack comes complete with built in LED lights for optimum visibility, and let’s face it, to play up the cool factor. By the way, this super smart gadget doubles up as a storage solution for belts. No more messy piles of belts or knotted clumps of ties ever to worry about again.

How could you go wrong with this unique gift idea - thoughtful and trendy? To make it extra special, and pique up his curiosity, gift wrap it and substitute the ribbon on the outside with a new tie. The best part, the ClosetMate Motorized Tie Rack makes an awesome reminder of your love all year long. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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