Demonstrating the art of wrinkle busting.

Seriously why iron when you can steam? There are so many pros to steaming and yet, people persist on buying accident causing, hunky-chunky, irons. So, if you’re not aware of the many benefits of steaming let me enlighten you.

1 - Steaming is a better wrinkle buster than ironing.

2 - Steam gets into all the nooks and crannies of a garment that are super annoying to iron out.

3 - Steaming is totally chemical free and sanitizes at the same time.

4 - Steaming doesn’t require an ironing board.

5 - With steaming there is little chance of burning as your steamer doesn’t touch the garment.

6 - Steaming gets the job done faster than ironing.

The ClosetMate Handheld Garment Steamer delivers excellent results every time. One session with this baby and old, forgotten clothes will look revived and enticing. That silk shirt you loathe to iron can now be wrinkle free and looking the business in minutes.

The ClosetMate Garment Steamer has so much going for it. For starters it’s portable and features a long, 8 foot cord that’s retractable (only kind currently available on the market). No need to wrap the cable around in a messy heap after use. Not only does it work on clothing, it will smooth out, sanitize, and dispel unwanted odors from furniture upholstery and drapes. The steamer’s water tank is fast heating and good to go within two minutes. It provides 10 minutes of nonstop steaming, which trust me is time enough to get a lot done.

This product comes with a convenient travel pouch so it can accompany you on work/leisure trips. Plus it has a one year warranty so in the unlikely event something does go wrong, you know you’re covered. Happy steaming people!

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