The easy way to stay classy.

Don’t you find with just a little organization you can save a ton of time and stay ahead of the game? That’s where the ClosetMate Mahogany Wood Valet Stand comes in. You may not be able to afford a living, breathing valet but a wooden one is certainly on the cards.

I’m sure you’ll agree that a nice suit, wrinkled and creased instantly kills the look. If your profession or personal tastes dictate that you wear a suit, then wear it well. Pants and shirt ironed to a crisp finish, jacket brushed down, shoes polished to a shine, matching tie and belt in place.

But it’s kinda hard to look sharp every morning if it’s a race to get out the door. The ClosetMate Valet Stand maybe just what the doctor ordered. With dimensions of 38 x 15.8 x 13 inches, it’s at a decent height so bending down doesn’t become an issue. Sleek and elegant in a solid mahogany finish, this stand makes a stunning addition to any gentleman’s bedroom. It comes equipped with a trouser hanger bar, coat hanger, 3 chrome shoe bars, tie and belt hanger and a tray organizer for personal effects like keys and phone. Oh, and not to forget the mirror, essential for making sure those nose hairs are neat and trimmed!

Assembling your ClosetMate Valet Stand is fast and simple requiring only a screwdriver. This stand will help you look neat, stay organized and give you that extra five minutes with the kids in the morning. Just don’t forget to lay out your suit the night before.

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