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ClosetMate Beautiful Acrylic Shelf Dividers

You may have the best intentions in the world but for some people staying organized is tough. Hey I know what I’m talking about because every New Year, I strip my closet bare and replace it with tenderly folded piles of clothing. I put my heart and soul into keeping that closet looking neat and tidy for the rest of the week but come day 8, everything miraculously ends up just the way it used to be. So, whether you can relate or you’re one of those annoyingly organized individuals, you may want to take a closer look at these super practical ClosetMate Beautiful Acrylic Shelf Dividers

Quality all the way, these heavy duty shelf dividers are just the thing to keep piles of stuff neatly arranged. With these ingenious ClosetMate dividers in place, you’ll have no choice but to clean up your act. And more importantly, keep up the good work. From here on stuffing, shoving or piling will be a sin of the past!

Featuring 8 inches in height, with a length of 12 inches means you get plenty of storage space to work with. Alphabetize those books, color coordinate towels, separate sweaters from hoodies once and for all. Or, you can keep it real and start off by just putting things in a neat pile with the help of your dividers. The fact that these shelves are made from acrylic rather than glass makes it a safe option, especially if you have children around. It’s light in weight and does not break easily.

Not only are the ClosetMate Beautiful Acrylic Shelf Dividers super simple to slip on a shelf without any kind of tool installation, they come conveniently transparent. This gives you the flexibility to match them against any color scheme. These dividers will look tasteful on natural wood, brightly colored wood, metal even. This simple tool is guaranteed to keep the clutter at bay.

Why is it always the little things that make the biggest difference?

Video Review https://youtu.be/dSjphA3HxL4

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