ClosetMate Beautiful 2 Pack Acrylic Shelf Dividers - Unbreakable Crystal Clear Closet Shelves, Organizer Separators, Perfect for Closets Kitchen Bedroom Shelving Organization, Great Gift (See 4 Pack) 


These beautiful ClosetMate Shelf Dividers Features the following, Each divider is 8 inches high, 12 inches long & fits on shelves up to .75 inches thick
Great for organizing sweaters, towels, purses and much more!
Easily organize shelves that are messy or cluttered by keeping items vertically in place
Simple, no tool installation! Just slips right on to your shelf!

UPC # 852172007055

Price ONLY $49.99

Free Shipping 

What problem will this product solve?


Weekdays (possibly weekends too) most of us are on the go. And, when we do get a free moment, we want to make the most of this precious time. Sometimes just getting out the door in the mornings can be stressful, let alone having to juggle mundane household chores, kid’s activities and getting the dinner on the table. Latest consumer trends confirm that we are tired and interested in anything that can help towards simplifying our lives. This is where our shelf dividers come into play. They save you time by efficiently keeping personal items, from clothes to decorative pieces, neat and organized. For example, it’s so much easier to pick out a sweater from a folded pile instead from a messy heap. Or, picking out a book from a row rather than from piles on the floor or table. You can use these dividers on shelving in your closet, bathroom or garage to help maintain order. With these shelves in place you’re forced to keep the flow of organization in motion which ensures your closet or living space stays largely clutter free. Less time picking up means more time for you.

Why is this product better than the competition?


We’ve gone for quality and practicality over cheap, flimsy replicas. Our choice of material - acrylic - was based on strength, wear over time, and safety. Compared to glass, acrylic is lighter and offers a higher damage-resistant factor. Something to consider especially where children are involved. If a glass shelf divider were to fall it’d probably smash and break; if one of our ClosetMate Shelf Dividers were to fall, it’d probably bounce once and lay flat. In addition, acrylic is durable and does not discolor or rust. Clear acrylic makes it easier to match existing furniture and it looks good sitting on top any shelf. The dividers come pre-assembled and are designed to slip easily onto shelves. They clip on hassle free and can slide to adjust for width without any damage to the surface of the shelf.

Will it make my life easier?


In our opinion, any product that simplifies staying organized and helps you save time is well worth having around. To have all your everyday essentials, clothes, toiletries, books, decorative bits and pieces in place where you will always find them is such a relief. No more rooting around for that favorite hoodie because if it’s not on the folded pile on your closet shelf, you’ll automatically know it’s in the dirty clothes pile. Our shelf dividers act as a constant reminder to keep everything in its place. Once you get into a rhythm of doing that it’ll become like second nature. Less clutter, less clean up is the ideal recipe for an easier life.

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