Laundrymate Extra Large Capacity Laundry Bag - With 2 Coin Pocket, Durable Strong Material Foldable Laundry Sack For College, Dorm And Apartment Dwellers Collapsible Laundry Bag (Navy)


StorageAid's LaundryMate Heavy duty LaundryBag is Perfect for College dorms, Campers, Apartments, Hotel stay, Baby nurseries, Utility room and Shopping, college dorm room accessories.
Self Standing Laundry basket, Hamper or Bin and yet you can tote your laundry around with one hand.
Double-layered 600D Oxford fabric, thick PE board in the bottom for stability, the Alloy handles added foam.
Bottom Dia.15" x H28" (including the handles with Dia.8").
Carry as a tote, or freestanding as a laundry hamper. Neatly folds to fit in limited storage spaces, luggage and travel storage compartments.  Unique design comes included with a pocket for coins for the laundry 

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Why continue the struggle with cumbersome baskets when you can easily load up and carry your laundry bag in one hand? The LaundryMate Laundry Bag makes doing laundry more efficient. Unlike bulky washing baskets, it is stronger, easier to carry, and store away. More importantly, your freshly laundered garments will stay covered and protected inside the bag. How many times have you tripped up and had clean clothes tumbling out of your laundry basket? Children’s dirty fingers staining a pile of clean whites? Bumping into your washing basket and spilling coffee over clean clothing? All easily preventable accidents that end up causing you unnecessary hassle and more work.

Clothes in an open basket are more prone to dust, dirt or accidental spillages because there’s no preventative covering. The LaundryMate heavy duty bag, on the other hand, is fabricated from super tough, It's called non-woven fabric that’s highly durable and water resistant. It will protect and keep clothing safe from unwanted damage and dry from spills and light rain. Additionally, the bag is easy to wipe down and keep clean. Double-layered and breathable, it locks out moisture while keeping the interior dry. The bottom of the bag is reinforced with a PE board lining to give you further peace of mind. A bulky load will not fall through. Every care and thought has been given into designing a durable, premium grade product. You can rest assured that once packed into your laundry bag, clean clothes stay that way.

Nobody should be without a LaundryMate Laundry Bag and here are the reasons why -  

Saves Space:

The LaundryMate Laundry Bag’s slim, cylindrical shape doesn’t take up much room, making it a perfect choice for small living spaces. If you’re a student in a tiny dorm room or someone living in an apartment/house already packed with a ton of stuff, this bag is a must. The thick PE board on the bottom keeps it self standing. The self standing function safeguards against spillovers, preventing neatly folded garments from getting creased or dirty. It also makes taking out dirty clothes or packing in freshly washed and folded clothes much easier. The 29 inches of height coupled with a roomy interior gives you a lot of storage space to work with. This means larger quantities of laundry can get done in one go, equating to less trips to the laundry room and more time to study, work or chillax in front of the tv. The bag’s slim design allows it to store away (with contents inside) to the side of your closet/desk or in some corner of your laundry room/bathroom. And, the best part, this bag is totally collapsible. So when not in use, it neatly folds to fit in limited spaces. It can be stored on a shelf, under your bed or conveniently used as a storage option for your dirty laundry. When the bag fills up you’ll know  it’s laundry time again! The bag also, includes two handy pockets. Stay organized and use one pocket for coins. This way you can be ready with the right change/amount every time and keep bulky handbag/wallet at home. The other pocket can carry candy bar and phone to keep you company while the washing gets done.

Transports Easily:


The foam covered alloy handles offer a comfortable, non-slippy grip which makes transporting

the LaundryMate Laundry Bag very comfortable. The large round handles allow you to carry your bag thrown over your shoulder, in the crook of your elbow or arm slipped through and on your shoulder. The cushioned handles and cylindrical shape  makes carrying your clothes up a flight of stairs and through doorways so much more easier than a traditional washing basket. Another plus, the bag takes minimal space in the car, easily fitting in the trunk or on the floor. In fact, this laundry bag can easily fit onto most bike panniers or rear racks/baskets. Perfect for to-ing and fro-ing laundromats without the need to use a car. It even goes comfortable over buggy handles or in the under storage compartment provided in most buggies. This makes it easy for parents to push a buggy and carry along laundry at the same time.

This product can easily twofold as a shopping bag, storage bag, travel bag for camping trips or weekend stays at a hotel. Due to its strength and storage capacity it conveniently accommodates more bulky items like blankets, toys or books. This great looking laundry bag is a big asset to any household as it helps to make doing laundry more efficient. It comes in a deep blue so will look nice with any bathroom/laundry room color scheme.

LaundryMate Collapsible Laundry Bag saves you time! More time equals less stress which equals happy people.

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