ClosetMate Clear Acrylic Jewelry Makeup Organizer Set - 6 Cushioned Drawers With Two Sided Mirror - Great for Organizing your Lipstick Nail Polish Makeup Brushes keep Vanity Dresser Organized


The wait is over, you no longer need to have separate organizing solutions for your Makeup and Jewelry, with our ClosetMate Clear Acrylic Jewelry and Makeup organizer you can use one beautiful crystal clear organizer for both, our items have gone through intense research to make sure that every drawer, every hook is the right size and placed at the right spot for your convenience

  • Start out with 6 cushion padded perfect size drawers to accommodate most of your smaller Jewelry.

  • On the 2 sides locate a closet design with hooks that is special made for a necklace display all with nice Crystal Clear Acrylic.

  • Right above sits a convenient Makeup Organizer with 12 smaller compartments for lipstick and eyeliner etc. and next to it compartment for moisturizers and lotions etc. we got a spot for all your makeup needs.

  • Added Bonus is a Free 2 Sided Double Mirror that will fit perfectly on top and is easily removable when need to.

  • Our ClosetMate organizer set comes in Two Parts 16 Slots Makeup Organizer and Jewelry Box with 6 Drawers, 2 Closet Compartments and 9 Hangers and a Free Mirror

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Beauty Essentials At Your Fingertips

Are you a secret hoarder or just plain disorganized? Do you have old makeup or pieces of cosmetic jewelry lying around taking up space that could be used more efficiently? Do you store all your makeup and jewelry in several separate drawers, pouches, and containers that make getting ready for work or evening soirées a headache?


Simplify your daily grooming ritual with the ClosetMate Jewelry and Makeup Organizer, complete with free double sided mirror. Minimize stress and give yourself more time to look your best by having all your makeup and accessories neatly arranged and organized in one place. Allow yourself a headstart in the morning instead of frantically searching through drawers for beauty essentials.

Made from clear acrylic, this quality design is strong yet lightweight. Perfect for business or home use, the ClosetMate Clear Acrylic Jewelry and Makeup organizer stores, protects and displays all your beauty essentials carefully. With everything you need to look your best laid out neatly in front of you, you will save yourself precious time and effort. If you’re going to spend good money on quality makeup and accessories, it only seems right that you invest in a quality storage solution to protect your valuables.  Intense research has been put in to ensure that every drawer, every hook is the right size and placed at the right spot for your convenience. Aesthetically pleasing, this jewelry organizer makes a welcome and tasteful addition to any lady’s boudoir.


Beauty Is As Beauty Does

The better you look after your clothes, jewelry, and other grooming fundamentals, the better they will make you look! You can’t compare crushed apparel to clothing that has been freshly ironed. Similarly, makeup and jewelry that hasn’t been well looked after and tossed into a drawer after use delivers poor results. The ClosetMate Clear Acrylic Jewelry and Makeup organizer will protect your beauty necessities to make sure they enhance your looks.


The ClosetMate Organizer set comes in two parts: a sixteen slot makeup organizer and a separate jewelry box complete with six drawers, two closet compartments, nine hangers and a free removable two sided mirror. No assembly at all is required. Just pull your organizer out off its outer packaging and you’re good to go. The top and bottom pieces are detachable and can be removed to be used separately. For example, you may want to keep the bottom unit which stores jewelry on your dressing table while the top piece holding your makeup collection on your bathroom countertop or shelf.

Business Or Pleasure


The ClosetMate Clear Acrylic Jewelry and Makeup organizer will also make a great in-store counter top storage and display unit. Jewelry from rings to watches and bracelets can be beautifully shown off from this durable, transparent storage kit. A convenient storage solution for beauty and hairdressing salons to store and display makeup, creams, nail varnish, and jewelry. Being light in weight, makes it easy to transport to different locations to allow customers a better look at the contents.


Looking for a unique gift? Delight wife, girlfriend, teenage daughter with this wonderfully practical and pretty item. Watch your messy teen organize her beauty essentials without being asked. Furthermore, an awesome space saver, this acrylic organizer holds a ton of stuff without taking much space on shelf or tabletop. A must have for any diva living in tight quarters!

A Unique Gift Choice


Looking for a gift with a difference? This makeup organizer guarantees to be a success with any women who delights in looking her best. It looks modern and tasteful and will go with any furnishings/room decor. Give your wife, daughter or girlfriend a gift they can enjoy and get plenty of practical use out of. Got your messy teenage daughter’s birthday coming up? Present her with this lovely makeup organizer for all her hair, makeup and beauty essentials and be amazed at how quickly her dresser/bathroom shelves clear up!


ClosetMate Acrylic Makeup Organizer saves you time! More time equals less stress which equals happy people.

Made from clear acrylic, this product is durable and offers a higher damage-resistant factor. It is light in weight and does not discolor or rust. Accidental spills or regular cleaning can be easily accomplished by simply wiping down with a cloth dampened in a little soap and water. Unlike glass, it is shatterproof and will not crack or chip easily. Clear acrylic makes it easier to match existing furniture and will look good sitting on any table top.


The drawers are lined with padded cushion to prevent scratches. Both cosmetic and real jewelry will be given equal respect and TLC. The cushioned drawers prevent smaller pieces like rings or earrings from unnecessary damage. Nothing looks worse than a nice piece of jewelry with chipped enamel or a missing glittery gem. Either side of the organizer features hooks for necklaces or bracelets which makes the selection process so much easier. You’ll never need to waste time or feel the frustration that comes from having to detangle a necklace.

The top section is divided into several compartments for your various cosmetics. A great way to begin your de-cluttering and reorganizing adventure. Here is the perfect opportunity to get rid of expired makeup that works less efficiently and can cause damage to your skin. Use compartments to store all your favorite lipsticks, eyeliners, creams and foundation. There is also space provided for makeup applicators and brushes. An added bonus is the free two sided double mirror that fits perfectly on top and is easily removable when not needed. A great asset to achieve smooth and even makeup application, and to generally admire end results.

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