• When it comes to storing and organizing your laundry, size does matter! That's why this foldable laundry basket is going to offer you more storage space than other hamper available in the market. Make the most of your laundry hamper!

  • Our collapsible laundry hamper features an innovative anti-mold plastic board, which will not absorb moisture and keep your laundry basket mold- free even if you place damp clothes in it! Unlike flimsy alternatives, Our foldable laundry basket is made of a thick non-woven fabric and the robust plastic board is going to guarantee that water is not absorbed.

  • You can easily fold the laundry hamper if you're not using it and save space since its compact size makes it the most space-saving laundry basket available. Now you can easily slip it in your suitcase and carry it with you on your camping trips or family vacations!

  • Our foldable laundry hamper will easily fit into every space it will make carrying your clothes a breeze! Ideal for college students and families alike, this ergonomic laundry hamper will keep your home 100% free from dirty clothes!

  • f you have a large family, then you absolutely need this X- large foldable laundry hamper, so you don't have to stumble upon dirty clothes in every room!

  • Measures 14 by 14 by 23 inches

  • Comes 2 Colors Tan and Brown

SKU # CM-105
UPC # 852172007239

Price $29.99

Free Shipping 

Foldable Large Laundry Hamper - Durable Non-Woven Fabric, Anti-Mold Plastic Board, Extra-Large Size, Space-Saving & Compact Clothes Basket With Handles and Lid (Brown)  Click here for Tan

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