How the Garage Came into Being

Around the 1920s the humble horse and cart gave way to the motor car. By the 1950s automobiles became a hot consumer product and every household wanted one. Owning a car led to the garage concept. A simple stand-alone space or annex joined to the main house with the intention of storing and protecting those beloved mechanical wonders. Pretty soon big and small garages were popping up all over suburbia and both car and car owner felt safer and happier. By the 1960s, 60% of new homes were built with garages and by the 2000s, 80% of all homes had garages.


Gradually the garage progressed from a space designed for housing our cars to a space for storing household extras. So much so, more often than not you see people parking their cars in their drive because their garages have evolved into a hoarder’s paradise.  You can find anything in there from old buggies and bikes, rusty tools and cans of paint to sometimes even a colony of spiders.


Respect the Garage

Every home needs some kind of designated space for storage and if your house comes with a garage (lucky you,) it’s time to make that space work to your advantage. Having a garage at your disposal buys you additional storage space not just for your car but also for your bike, gadgets, tools and mom-in-law’s unwanted Christmas present, freeing up valuable space in your home especially, under the bed and over the closet.


This is where GarageMate, comes in. The GarageMate product line is the perfect solution to get the interior of your garage cleaner and more spacious-feeling. Free up floor space and keep tools and appliances neatly displayed on the wall where you will always find them. You’ll be surprised what a little organizing can achieve.


The Ideal Wall Mounting Solution

Products under the GarageMate brand currently include GarageMate Garage Hooks and GarageMate Garage Kit. The one-stop-shop for your tools, toys and garden/yard equipment to be efficiently organized and displayed.  The Wall Track System and Garage Hooks will transform your garage, utility room or garden shed into a safe and organized storage zone.


Made out of heavy-duty, durable tubular steel, the GarageMate hooks are also powder coated and rust resistant. The multipurpose hooks slide easily on and off the wall panel for easy installation and customization, maximizing wall space for storage. No tools needed for assembly. In addition, the range of hooks can safely hold from 20 pounds upwards when properly installed.  


The Wall Track System welded from steel and wire, is easily mounted to wall surface.

It can just as easily be detached and repositioned. The extended length plate design distributes weight evenly for superior holding power, providing reinforced security for all your large and heavy items. A locking gripper and push/pull lever make it easy to attach and adjust hooks on the rail so you can create a customized garage storage system that can evolve along with your storage needs.  

The ideal wall mounting solution for smaller items like your tool-set to larger, bulkier equipment like extension ladders (propped vertically or horizontally), large hoses, foldout paint ladders, bikes, scooters and sledge hammers. The GarageMate Garage Kit comes with two tracks, perfect not just for the garage but also for smaller storage spaces within the home or in the garden shed.


From Ordinary Garage to Orderly Workroom

GarageMate products don’t just help to maintain and organize your expensive tool collection and hardware. It helps avoid unnecessary accidents. It prevents floor clutter and the ugly corner pile-up of boxes by providing storage space on the wall. Sharp or dangerous implements can be kept out of children’s reach. The mystery of the missing tool will be a thing of the past as your collection will always be neatly displayed before you. Finally a garage you can be proud of!

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