ClosetMate Foldable Cube Storage Bins - 6 Pack -  Organizer- With Label Holder for Better Organization - Fabric Cubes Are Collapsible Great Organizer for Shelf, Closet or Storage  (Click here for without Window)


ClosetMate Foldable, sturdy, yet lightweight storage bins can easily be packed away when they’re not in use. ClosetMate Cubes come 6 to a pack, and are available in a variety of attractive colors. The storage bins are made of heavy-duty polypropylene material with extra cardboard support. Each foldable storage cube has its own durable side handles for easy carrying. Convenient wall storage baskets for kids toy storage or household items in office or garage.

Putting The “O” Back Into Organized

Staying organized is tough business unless you can afford a butler. Kids, hectic lifestyles, and consumerism do their best to aid and abet in the crime of disorganization. Coming back to a cluttered, messy home after a tiring day at work sucks. It adds to our overall levels of frustration and/or stress. Quality time that could be spent playing a board game with the family or taking a relaxing bath to unwind is spent instead picking up toys and clearing up the place.


Having a designated place for all your “stuff” would ideal and a great start, but not always practical or possible. Small living spaces with not enough storage space or a sudden influx of gifts after Christmas for example can cause a hindrance. And that is why the ClosetMate Foldable Cube Storage Bins are so handy to have lying around. Whether at work, at home or for keeping the garage under control these storage bins are so useful. And they look good too! Fill them with unessentials and do away momentarily with clutter until you have more time. These storage bins look tasteful at home or in the office and, really make the perfect store-away solution for sundries that just happen to turn up.

Stack ‘em, Drawer ‘em, Store ‘em


These ClosetMate Foldable Cube Storage Bins come in a pack of six in an elegant beige. They measure 10.5 x 10.5 x 11 inches and will fit in most standard cube style shelf furniture as funky, trendy drawers. They each have a label window for content identification - clothes, little items, books, kids’ toys, and anything you need out of the way. Each foldable storage cube is made of heavy-duty polypropylene material with extra cardboard support. Durable side handles make sliding it in and out of cube furniture simple and allows for easy carrying. Heavier items such as books and toys can safely be stored and transported in these cubes without fear of tearing or damage. Comes particularly handy while moving house or rearranging a room. And when not in use, the cubes are completely collapsible and disappear without any fuss under the bed or on some shelf in the basement.


Got a disorganized closet? With zero assembly required, these cubes fit in pretty comfortably on most closet shelves to keep socks, underwear, or sweaters organized. Use cubes to store away winter/summer clothes and give you further closet space. Display them in a neat arrangement overhead or under bed/table. Unlike chunky, cheap looking plastic alternatives, these quality cubes look stylish and will make a welcome addition to any living space decor.  For the new parent, these multipurpose storage cubes are just the thing for keeping baby items organized - diapers, clothing, toiletries. In fact, they make a good storage helper for your whole family! Kids toys can be scooped and dumped into cubes. A real space saver, they can then be stacked up to one side.  Keep your bathroom clean and safe by organizing towels, toiletries and supplies in cubes and shelve away.

Time for a spring clean? No worries, clear up that messy garage, attic or basement with these attractive cubes. Perfect for carrying odds and ends, shelve these cubes side by side for a neatly arranged and organized space. Christmas/Hanukkah decorations, DIY tools, winter boots etc can be put aside until needed again. Don’t forget to label boxes before storing away!

Home And Away


When staying organized becomes a force of habit, it turns out to be less of a chore and more of a lifestyle choice. The ClosetMate Foldable Cube Storage Bins can help you get organized and stay organized. Because these bins are collapsible and lightweight they can be brought with you and made useful anywhere; clearing away unwanted clutter quickly and efficiently.

Keep a cube in your car boot for extra storage. The next time you’re out grocery shopping use these cubes in the shopping trolley to pack away your groceries instead of plastic bags. Easier to carry and better for the environment.  Perfect for dorm rooms, store extra clothes and books in neatly labeled cubes under your bed or in a neat row on a shelf. Teachers with minimal classroom space will find these cubes super useful for storing classroom supplies. And because they are portable, they can be used to carry materials for class outings/field trips.  They even come in handy while on vacation. Easily fits into suitcase/carry on luggage to provide you with an extra storage solution while you’re away from home. These multipurpose bins make themselves indispensable whether at work or at home. Providing you with a cleaner, no mess, clutter free space.  Great results guaranteed.

ClosetMate Foldable Cube Storage Bins saves you time! More time equals less stress which equals happy people.

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