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With our CarMate Organizer you will keep your all your travel necessities in your car neat and organized by storing everything you need in this premium quality backseat/trunk organizer. Magnificently designed to suit the needs of every driver, the CarMate Backseat/Trunk Organizer offers more space for carrying more items for you.

Our CarMate Organizer is Constructed Out Of Heavy Duty Material And Perfect For Cars, Vans, SUV, And Trucks. With It’s Premium Quality It Is Long Lasting, Strong, Durable, Good Looking And Will Have A Snug Fit.

Our CarMate Organizer Measurs 41.5” x 12” (106cm x 31cm). It’s Designed To Fit Most Vehicles With The Two Top Adjustable Straps For The Headrest Posts, So It Will Be Simple And Easy To Install On The Front Seat For Organizing Your Car, Or On The Back Seat For Organizing Your Trunk.

You Can Store Sports Gear, Dog Supplies, Tools, Toys, And Emergency Equipment In The Organizer. It Will Keep The BackSeat Or Trunk Of Your Car Clutter Free. When Not In Use The Organizer Will Fold Flat For Easy Storage.✓ The BackSeat/Trunk Organizer Is Designed To Provide The Most Storage Space Possible. It Has 5 Spacious Pockets, A Roomy Center Mesh Pocket Measuring 23” To Keep Bulky Products, 2 Side Mesh Pockets Measuring 9” To Keep Larger Items, And 2 Gusseted Pockets In The Center To Keep Smaller Items.

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We LOVE Our Cars


The motor car has become a vital part of our lives. According to a new survey released by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, American drivers spend 17,600 minutes plus in a car each year. So it’s safe to conclude that what once was a luxury commodity has now grown into a necessity. Many of us need a car to get us to work, run errands, and chauffeur our children to their various extra-curricular activities.  If fact, it wouldn’t be stretching the truth to say that our cars have almost become an extension of our homes. As we try to multitask and get as much done as possible in a day, our car gets cluttered and equipped with all sorts of things. From emergency safety kits to snacks, gym bag, diaper bag and toys (and that’s just naming a few) take up space, making trips in the car uncomfortable and unenjoyable.


StorageAid has designed a simple but invaluable product to tackle car clutter. The CarMate Backseat Organizer is the perfect solution to get the interior of your car cleaner and more spacious-feeling. Everybody is calmer and happier if they can easily find what they need. The CarMate Organizer can’t make your life less hectic but it guarantees to help reduce some of the stress!

Smart Storage Solution


The heavy duty CarMate organizer puts the fun back into your ride. It is strong, durable and built to last; fabricated using the strongest industrial thread available on the market. It is very easy to install with absolutely NO assembly required. Your organizer is put into place using two Velcro adjustable straps for the headrest posts. The straps stay securely in place in the space between the headrest and car seat so as to not cause any discomfort to either driver or passenger. Many mid-size family cars now come with inbuilt DVD players often located at the back of the front two headrest posts. The position of the CarMate organizer straps do not interrupt viewing. Measuring  41.5” x 12” (106cm x 31cm,) the organizer runs the entire width (or close enough)  of the interior of a mid-size car. It can conveniently be used inside the car or in the trunk.


The organizer lays flat, nice and smooth, against the back of the seats. It offers a neat appearance without unsightly bulges or creases. In fact, it can even enhance the appearance of worn out car seats or a gruby interior. All black, this item easily fits in with a leather or fabric interior and looks great against any colour scheme. For parents with little children the organizer acts as a makeshift  protective cover for seat backs. Instead of your nice seat covers getting scuffed or stained with little kids footprint marks or juice spills, your organizer takes the beating. But that’s okay because a quick wipe down with a damp cloth and hey presto, it looks as good as new.

There are five various sized spacious pockets in the organizer which gives you plenty of space to play around with. It offers a roomy center mesh pocket measuring 23” for bulky items, two side mesh pockets measuring 9” each for larger items, and two more gusseted pockets for smaller items. The mesh is strong and durable and will carry bulky items without ripping or tearing. With five pockets to stuff, one could be allocated to each member of the family. Larger families will just have to get a second organizer for the trunk! Imagine a car without empty packets of chips under the pedals, random books on the passenger seat, gym shoes thrown in the back, out of date granola bars in some corner of the trunk. What if all your car essentials - maps, water, dog treats, toys, ipad - were off the floor/seats and neatly arranged in pockets that don’t get in anyone’s way? A sweet concept that the CarMate organizer can make into a reality

Safety Comes First


The CarMate organizer was designed for a very specific task - to provide accessible storage space and eliminate car clutter. A clean car looks nicer, feels more spacious and comfortable and is more enjoyable to drive. But have you considered that a clutter free car is also a safer vehicle to be in. With everything neatly tucked into your CarMate organizer instead of lying all over the place, there is less chance of personal injury during or while attempting to prevent an accident. Imagine you have to suddenly hit on your breaks hard to avoid collision with another vehicle. What happens if your car is full of bits and pieces lying about? That’s right, it gets dislodged and would fly everywhere. Bulkier items could possibly crack or go through your windscreen, or may hit you and cause serious damage. This can be avoided by storing items in the organizer.

Furthermore, the CarMate organizer forces you to be prepared if/when disaster strikes. Neatly store road emergency kits, tools and cables, a medical kit, portable phone charger, and similar in your organizer to make sure you’re sorted in the case of an emergency. Having everything you need when the demand arises will give you peace of mind. Staying organised reduces stress; a less stressed driver is a calmer driver. A calmer driver is a safer driver. Feeling calm makes you more observant of what’s happening around you and less prone to have an angry reaction. The CarMate organizer promotes road safety by helping drivers stay organised.

Hassle-Free Car Rides


The CarMate organizer makes everyday car journeys so much more enjoyable. This innovative product is a godsend to parents with babies or smaller children. Anyone who’s ever had to drive with kids squawking and crying in the background knows how distracting that can be. Snacks, entertainment solutions, diapers can all be stored in your organizer and ready for when needed. No more rummaging through pockets or handbag to find a toy or snack because everything will be conveniently at hand in your organizer. Perfect for road trips, this ingenious product can also be used in camper vans. Imagine how nice the drive will be with maps, ipad and cool drinks arranged in your organizer instead of being stuffed in a backpack or shoved under one of the seats. When not in use the organizer will fold down flat for easy storage. But once you see the benefits this handy little item brings to your car and state of mind, you’ll never want to go without one.

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