The Caddy is the PERFECT caddy organizer is finally over! When you purchase this office Caddy from us today, here's what you can look forward to:  compartment desk storage caddy, suitable for every kind of writing tool available, making your desk always look elegant and tidy. Can also store accessories, jewlery, makeup cosmetics, toy sets etc. Secretaries and executives will find this most efficient ELEGANCY - Attractive elegant mesh design

The Caddy allows you to see inside each compartment in this on desk caddy, effectively finding even the smallest things, fast and easy. STABILITY- Desktop organizer is Built of metal steel
The Caddy will stand 100% stable on your desk. The steel also makes this organizer unbreakable, ensuring it will serve you for many years to come
It is clean as it is Equipped with Padded feet that adds stability to the pen and pencil holder, and eliminates any risk of scratching the office|working table!
The Caddy Never get stuck in the middle of an important telephone without a note! The large caddy drawer keeps all the little notes or memos in one place, allowing your Memos to be available to you when needed at the office
The Caddy is the perfect gift for that business person in your life

Starting Off On The Right Track


A messy environment invariably leads to distraction. A distracted mind loses focus easily and wastes valuable time on unessential things. When productivity plummets, there is an increase in frustration and stress. It’s easy to fall into a vicious cycle of doing just enough to stay afloat instead of plowing ahead full steam. Everybody knows that a stressful environment has a negative impact on our health. One of the ways to decrease stress is by getting into a habit of staying organized.


And this is where the Caddy makes its sweeping intro. A smart and stylish looking management tool that establishes order in your workspace. Memos, pens, and stapler neatly arranged and readily available as and when you need them. Do away, once and for all, with frantically searching for notepad or pen during a call; or, wasting precious time on the lookout for a paper clip or highlighter pen! Invest in staying organized and boost your productive capacity. It’s easier than you think.

OfficeStorage Oval Supply Caddy Desk Organizer - Elegant Black Mesh Wire Design, 9 Space Saving Writing Supplies Compartments With a Large Drawer, Multiple Divided compartments - Great Gift

Quality Product


It's the small things that make the biggest difference! Small storage kits just like the Caddy.  This black mesh organizer isn’t just some decorative fluff but serves a very functional purpose. It efficiently holds note pad and other office stationery supplies neatly together, taking care of any desk clutter. It conveniently comes all put together and ready for use. Take your caddy out of the box and start organizing it with everyday office materials. Absolutely No assembly is required. It features 9 space-saving writing supplies compartments with a large drawer. Five tall compartments - two at either end and one in the back - for holding longer items such as, scissors, pens, pencils, staplers, highlighters etc. Three additional shallow compartments provide space for smaller items - paper clips, thumb tacks, sticky tape and the like.  And as if that wasn’t plenty, the caddy also includes a pull-out drawer that slides in and out easy, peasy providing extra storage space.

Painted in a simple matte black, the Caddy looks discreet and attractive on any desktop. The caddy is very sturdy and stays totally stable on your desk. It is not at all wobbly and will not topple over causing unnecessary disruption. Constructed from durable metal steel means it is rust and damage resistant. So, if you accidentally spill your late afternoon coffee over your desk and caddy, there’s no fear of rust or staining. Just wipe down with a wet sponge and dry with paper towels/cloth. What’s more, metal steel is strong stuff guaranteeing years of faithful use from your caddy. Another advantage of this product is that it is light in weight. It is easy to lift up or transport to a different location. It comes with padded feet to prevent any furniture damage. Move the position of your caddy as often as you like without fear of scratches or marks on desktop. In a nutshell we’re talking, Strong, Resilient, Aesthetically Pleasing and Highly Functional.

And That’s Not All Folks….


A jumble free environment is a pleasure to work in. The StorageMate Caddy keeps the place tidy and makes sure you’re never left hanging for a pen or stapler. It is the perfect desktop organizer for at home or work use. You’ll never have to worry about misplacing office supplies again with this handy organizer to store all your stationery. Your desk will remain orderly and you will be able to complete tasks/paperwork faster and more efficiently.


Nice and compact, this caddy is a great choice for small spaces. Whether on a dorm room desk (this caddy makes the best study mate for any college kid,) in the garage, on bathroom shelves or at work, this organizer makes itself super useful in the smallest of workspaces. In fact, a multitude of people can benefit from this versatile, handy caddy.


Teachers can now have classroom stationery nice and tidy organized in this compact caddy without taking up a lot of desk space. Accessible too! When you’ve got a bunch of papers to grade, staple together, or decorate with gold stars it’s nice to have it all within easy reach. You’ll be surprised how much stuff this little storage unit can hold. Artists will find them very useful with tons of space to carry glue, tools and brushes.  The retired couple will find this organizer a big help in the home office.  Kids can use it as an art supplies storage unit; or it could be a neat little organizer for jewelry and/or cosmetics.  Secretaries near and far will find the Caddy invaluable!

Why sift through drawers when you can have everything you need neatly laid out in front of you?

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