BathMate Bath Toy Organizer 2 PK - Bath Tub Toys Organizer includes 4 Extra Strong Suction Cups - Large Storage Bag for Toys Also Use as a Shower Caddy, NO MORE Mold Playtime for Bathtime


The BathMate Toy Organizer Keep your bathroom organized and clean by keeping your toys neatly put aside from running water. Putting toys away in the bath is easy and keeps your bathroom neat.

Our mesh bags fast drying polyester edging, and powerful large suction cups. The bag is large enough (18in x14in) to hold all of your baby's toys. The sturdy bag also stays close to your tile and out of your way when not in use.

We know that wet toys can lead to mold. That's why The BathMate Bath Toy Organizer keeps your bath toys beautifully clean and mold free. Mesh netting allows for water to completely drain from the bag, and prevents mold by allowing air to quickly dry your little one's toys.

The BathMate Bath Toy Organizer comes in a set of 2 and each bag is packed with 2 extra suction cups

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A Clean Bathroom Is A Safe Bathroom


What kid doesn’t  love bathtime? From America to Australia, kids the world over, love the idea of splashing and getting wet. Colorful, noisy toys go hand in hand with the bathtime ritual; after all they make the whole soapy event so much more entertaining. However, toys that are not left to dry out completely will develop mold. We’ve all seen the greenish, black stuff squirt out of a cute plastic rubber duck.


Mold is harmful to our and our children’s health and can cause respiratory problems and allergies. Especially detrimental to very young children who have a relatively poor immune system. As the age old proverb goes, “prevention is always better than cure.” Keep mold at bay by following two simple rules. One - avoid getting squirt able, squeaky type toys with holes in them; and two, make sure every toy is allowed to air dry thoroughly after use.


Moreover, bathtime toys can be lethal left lying around. If you’ve slipped or nearly lost your footing courtesy of a sweet looking, rubber toy, it may resonate further. Toys in any bathroom, although fun, can cause accidents that are easily preventable.


The BathMate Bath Toy Organizer makes a great drying and storage solution for your kid’s bath toys. Simply put all the toys into the mesh bag and leave dry for clean, mold-free bath time fun. All your kiddies’ toys in one place where they can always be found easily. A must-have for any household with little people.

Good Things Come In Small Sizes


The BathMate Bath Toy Organizer helps keep the bathroom free from toy clutter. This fast drying, mesh bag with polyester lining attaches to any smooth tiled or glass surface using powerful suction cups. In other words, ready to use from get go with absolutely no assembly headache. This item comes in a pack of two that includes two mesh bags, four clear suction cups and as a bonus, four extra (blue colored) 2” lever-lock suction cups with hooks. Super strong hooked suction cups are just the thing for hanging other easy-to-access accessories - your loofah on a string in the shower perhaps, or your shower cap. It will even hold your towel.

The actual netted bag is pretty large (18” x 14”) and strong allowing for a decent weight load. The breathable mesh fabric is not only durable but also, rust, mold and mildew resistant. The netting provides great air circulation and allows water to drain out completely. This helps to prevent mold on toys by keeping them dry.


The mesh bag is machine washable and doubles up as a handy shower caddy or storage accessory in the laundry room. The BathMate bath toy organizer fits easily onto the back wall of your tub/shower to maximize space. Much more efficient than hard plastic holders. It leaves corner tub space available for shampoo, conditioner, and soap bottles. Got a narrow laundry room? Not enough shelving? Pop your dryer lint brush, spray starch, dryer sheets, clothes pins, etc. into this easy to access mesh bag.  Handy in the bedroom too for socks, undergarments, and scarves.

This waterproof bag makes an awesome storage solution for compact spaces like college dorms, gym locker, or while on vacation. You can even bring it along on camping trips. Super light and taking up very little space in your travel luggage, your bath organizer can accompany you on short or longer trips. For people who enjoy maintaining order, this organizer makes life so much easier!

Say No To Bathroom Clutter


After bath time, simply put toys into your sturdy toy organizer and out of the way to restore your bathroom to its pre-bathtime state in a jiffy. Take away the risk of slipping over a toy and causing yourself or a loved one unnecessary injury. The bath organizer will ensure your children’s toys are mold and mildew free. This product allows your kids to have fun at bathtime the safe way. It also gives you back a clean and tidy bathroom after every bath.


This product additionally encourages kids to tidy up after themselves from a young age. Make a game out out of putting toys away and get kids helping out with the clean up. This makes a great first step in getting kids involved in participating in simple chores. If you’re thinking of a gift idea for parents with babies or young children, think BathMate Bath Toy Organizer. It’s so versatile and practical. It can not only hold toys in the bath/shower but so much more. It provides storage for children’s art supplies; holds all your little princess’s hair accessories; a great way to carry sand toys to the beach (and on your return machine wash your bag.) If you have a spare mesh bag, you could add potpourri in one to add a delicious fragrance to your bathroom/bedroom instead of using harmful air freshener sprays.


BathMate Bath Toy Organizer saves you time! More time equals less stress which equals happy people.

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